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Amethystum Storage donated 1 million yuan worth of optical storage equipment to Wuhan Central Hospital

Recently, Amethystum Storage has donated a ZL2520 product worth 1.3 million yuan to the Wuhan Central Hospital of Hubei Province. The system will store medical image data and archive data for long-term, providing help to the hospital by using optical storage technology.

It is understood that Amethystum Storage has just successfully listed on SSE STAR MARKET recently, and it is a high-tech optical storage enterprise with strong competition in China. The ZL2520 product donated this time is a magneto-optical integrated storage system based on a large-capacity optical disc library with a large storage capacity. The high-density Blu-ray disc used in the system can ensure the data is stored for more than 50 years without tampering and loss. It will not be affected by power failure, virus intrusion, malicious tampering, etc. It is one of the best ways to store data in a long-term, safe, green, and economical.

In the era of big data, data is an extremely precious resource, and how to realize the safe and long-term storage of these data can also not be ignored. Amethystum Storage has always focused on the research and development of optical storage technology, providing the most suitable optical storage solutions for various industries such as medical treatment, finance, data center, and the Internet. Meanwhile, Amethystum Storage will also fulfill its social responsibilities, give full play to its technological advantages, and provide favorable guarantees for data storage.


Post time: Oct-13-2021

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