1. Why do I fail to find the device for binding through network search?

1. Please check whether your device is switched on;

2. Please check whether your mobile phone can be connected to an external network normally through WIFI;

3. Please make sure that your mobile phone and device are in the same LAN and not too far from each other;

4. Please check whether the device has been bound by another user;

5. When the device indicator turns red and flashes, check the router switch;

6. When the indicator keeps flashing in red during the network distribution to the device, check the router switch;

a. The router signal is unstable and you should re-click configurations to try the connection;
b. The number of devices connected with the router has exceeded the limit; try to turn off the WiFi of a device to spare a channel for reconfiguration;
c. AP isolation is turned on in the router and the device cannot be searched (upon successful configuration, the blue WiFi indicator turns off and the message for the successful configuration cannot be received);
d. Wireless MAC address filtering is turned on in the router; the device should be removed from the MAC filtering list of the router to ensure that network connection of the device is not banned in the router;

7. If a sharer fails to bind the device by scanning the QR code, please check:

a. Whether the QR code used by the sharer for the binding is consistent with the QR code generated from “Add a user” by the administrator;
b. Whether the QR code has been scanned by another person for binding;
c. Whether the QR code has expired (the QR code is valid within 30 minutes);

2.Why does the indicator of my device keep flashing in red?

It means that there is some problem with the network connection. Please check whether your device is properly connected to a network. For wired connection, try to replace the network cable, change the network interface and check whether the router is connected.

3.Why does the uploading of files fail?

Please check:

Whether your mobile phone is connected with WiFi with internet access;

If the mobile phone is not connected with WiFi, click [My] → [Allow uploading and downloading in a non-WiFi network] and check whether it is turned on. If not, turn it on to use a 4G network for uploading;

Whether the device is connected with power and internet (if the red indicator keeps flashing, it means that the device is not properly connected to internet);

4.What should I do when I am prompted that the device is disconnected or offline?

Please check:

Whether the device is power off;

Whether the router is power off;

Whether your mobile phone can be connected to an external network via the router or 4G data flow;

Whether it is not allowed to use WLAN or 4G data flow to access the APP in the settings;

Restart the router;

5.I have duplicate files which are not detected in file deduplication. Why?

Please check whether the product you bought includes the encryption function, if yes, the system will take similar files as different files since after encryption their codes are totally different.

6.There is no response by directly press the button on the panel of optical disc drive. Why?

The optical disc drive may be performing a task. Please click [Eject optical disc drive] on the APP interface instead of the button on the panel. Before ejecting, please check the status of the optical disc drive. If it is burning or reading files, do not try to eject it as it will result in failure.

7.Can I separate the main device and the base?

Do not separate the main device and the base when the optical disc drive is burning or reading. It is suggested to keep the main device and the base connected to avoid failure of burning/reading caused by wrong operations.

8.Why does “Read the optical disc” under “Blu-ray storage” fail?

Please check:

Whether the optical disc is an Amethystum professional optical disc;

Whether the optical disc is burned using an Amethystum professional optical disc;

Please check the conditions of the optical disc. The data cannot be read if it has any scratch, dust, dirt or damag

9.Why does burning fail?

Burning in an optical disc drive is a complete process which will fail in the event of outage or separation of the optical disc drive and the main device. In addition, if the optical disc has been burned or has any scratch, dust, dirt or damage, the burning will fail. Please check whether the optical disc is in good conditions.

10.Why is the available capacity of the Amethystum Family Cloud displayed as less than 1TB/2TB while I have uploaded just a few photos?

The nominal capacity “1TB/2TB” only indicates the hard disc specification. Due to different calculation basis and system occupation, the user’s actual available capacity is lower than the nominal value. The hard disc manufacturer uses 1000 as the unary system while the computer system adopts the binary system and 1024 as the unary system, which is a normal phenomenon. Please move on to use it.

When using it, the device management interface only displays your use. But as the device is shared by multiple users, the space may have been used by others.

Please check and regularly clear or restart your Blu-ray burning tasks that have failed. Burning mirrors will be saved for burning tasks that have failed so that they can be re-burned. The mirrors take up storage space. If you do not want to re-burn, you may directly delete the burning tasks in “Homepage →Blu-ray storage →Burning queue”.

11.Why do I hear some sound (similar to fan blades rotating) when using the optical disc drive?

When burning, the optical disc drive will make some sound because its interior is in a state of high-speed rotation. This is a normal phenomenon and please move on to use it.

12.Why am I prompted that “The optical disc drive is being used by someone else” when accessing the Blu-ray storage?

It is probably because a task of some other person is going on since the optical disc drive is shared by multiple users. Please check the device indicator. If it comes on in blue, it means that an optical disc of someone else is burning. Please be patient and do not interrupt it.

13.Why do I fail to see in “Intelligent classification” the photos I have uploaded?

“Intelligent classification” is a result computed from the background AI algorithm. It takes some time to do the huge computation. Please be patient as it generally requires a few hours. You are advised to view the photos the next day.

14.Why does the APP in my mobile phone fail to be connected with the Amethystum Family Cloud device?

It may be caused by network problems. Please check your mobile network and the device network status.

15.Why is my uploading and downloading slow?

The network speed directly affects the speed of uploading and downloading. Please choose a stable and smooth network or upload and download directly in a LAN.

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