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Encrypted communication | Safe and reliable | Long-term storage | Unlimited expansion | Intelligent management | Family sharing

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  • Blu-ray version

  • Blu-ray disc

  • Solution

    Amethystum Storage “cold and hot data hierarchical storage”, its powerful software technology puts the data on the right medium at the right time.

    Meet the storage requirements of high reliability, low cost, long life, and environmental protection for massive data.

  • What is Blu-ray storage

    Traditional storage media adopt the principles of magnetic storage and electrical storage. As there are no “permanent magnets” and “permanent electret”, data cannot be securely and stably stored for long-term. Storage server devices need to be replaced every 5 years or so.

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  • What is private cloud?

    A private cloud is a storage device that can centrally store data such as photos, movies, music, and files. Private ownership in the true sense should mean that there should be no third-party intervention, no data monitoring and tracking for all operations, and the user’s personal

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  • Amethystum Viewpoint

    In the big data era, massive growing data needs to be stored for a long time and the development of big data itself is driving market growth. This is a significant reason for the development of the optical disk storage market.

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      Amethystum Storage donated 1 million ...

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    Empowering China Storage

    On August 18, 2020, Shenzhen subsidiary of Amethystum Storage, a leading enterprise in China’s optical storage industry, officially established at Shenzhen Central Business District.

    Shenzhen Amethystum focuses on the innovative research and development of new optical storage technologies.

    In February 2021, the personal consumer-grade storage product Photoegg was officially released. It has caught great attention of both competitors and consumers on the market.

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